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Website SEO 101

(SEO) or in other words, Search Engine Optimization.  The objective here is to increase your website's traffic, and ultimately convert that traffic into some kind of goal you have set for your website. The goal you have set being met is also known as a conversion.  Often that is a sale of some kind.  However, you might be trying to attract new members, get donations, inform the public of an important issue, etc.  In all cases what is called a "conversion" is met when you achieve the goal you have set for the website.

Optimizing your website results in ranking very high in searches results for keywords that you want your website to be listed in.  More specifically well done search engine optimization positions your website rank higher than it's competitors in certain searches or at the very least on the same page.  This is often accomplished by re-working, very often by re-writing the content of your website to be more relevant than your competitors in certain search queries.

Search engine optimization is often thought to be an effort to rank top choice for every single keyword or search term you have for your website.   That isn't the case.  The effort here is to rank high in many keywords and search terms.  You can't always be at the top of all search results.  That would be an unrealistic goal at best.  Being realistic, you can rank very high in many searches relevant to you.  Sometimes you will be number one, not always.  I am going to explain each area of website or web page optimization a little in order to help you understand the basic concepts behind Search Engine Webpage Optimization.

My first piece of advice actually has to do with what should be the last step.  I am going to mention it first only because most people I have spoken with got this wrong from the very start.  The very last step in optimizing your website is the submission of your website to search engines.  The last thing you want to do is get indexed as a page under construction.  That doesn't help your search placement any.  In fact that hurts your website's positioning or search engine rankings.  A website under construction is of no use to web surfers looking for information or to someone looking to buy something.  Therefore, a website under construction is of no use to search engines.  Search engines want to display results.  The more accurate the search engine's response is to a surfers query, the more likely that surfer is to use that search engine again in the future.  For this reason a search engine is not going to want to list a website that will waste someone's time.

The real first step in optimizing your website is to pick out your domain name.  This is the first opportunity you will have to use a keyword and or phrase for your website's subject matter or content.  Often people will say to me that they want the same domain name as the name of their business or organization.  If the name of your business is available, you should purchase it.  However, often you will need to purchase several domain names.  Especially if the name of your business does not help to identify who you are, what you sell, and where you are located.