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Today no matter what your personal life or business is you can not ignore the Internet as a media force.  Especially a business today needs to have a website.  Even if you don't want to sell over the internet. Your presence on-line makes a big difference.  People can still check out your business online and then decide to do business with you in person or call.  All because you offered enough information to answered a few basic questions with a well developed and designed website.

Websites allow you to at the absolute least ... communicate information about your business to existing and potential customers.  A website gives people who can't physically make it to your business a way to connect with you, maybe even to just find you at all.  People can't make it to your physical business location for many reasons.  The three most basic reasons are disabilities that prevent people from visiting you physically, distance, and time.

Even on a totally simple static webpage, you can place your business address, phone number and email address on your site where your customers can send inquires about your products and or services to you.  Website email is especially helpful for people in different time zones and for dealing with very detailed inquires.  

When a web surfer writes down your telephone number from the website and calls to get more information or to make a transaction .... It was because of the website that the customer became interested or even aware of your business and then you made the transaction and or sale.  Even if you don't sell online you can still generate sales online. 

What can be done on the internet with a website today is almost without limits.  You can make business transactions of all different types on your website.  Everything from arranging a business transaction to actually going through with the sale online.  Some of the most common sites that sell online are called e-commerce sites.  These sites feature a cyberspace shopping baskets for customers online to fill with items and then check out online.  Your website could feature each item or service you have to offer.  Or your website could just feature certain sales, promotions, or even special online events.  Your website can include text of course, images, audio files, movie files and a lot more.

If your website has sufficient traffic you could place ads on your site to generate revenue.  Besides information about your individual business your website could have content about your industry in general, even live content like Live Web Cast.  It is ideal to make your business website become known for having interesting industry related information.  A website that becomes popular as a resource has a greater audience and then becomes even more valuable as a business asset to the owner and to others like advertisers.

There are really an endless number of reasons why every business should have a website.  Here are some more. Your business website can contain interactive media. Facebook and Twitter are just a couple of examples of the social media your business can connect with increasing your audience and converting that new audience into sales. A website can change as fast as you need it to.  Not even the best designed business card or brochure could ever hope to do that for your business. A website is a free and open market for testing new product reactions or services offered. You can target a particular market say your local market area.

Finally how business is conducted has changed. In order not to be left behind today a business needs to be internet ready.  And even more important everyday is to be mobile ready as well.  You want a responsive website design so you don't miss out on all the people who browse and shop using the cell phones or tablets.